Wanna be my wifey?

Ya know those guys that ask you to hypothetically marry them on the first date? Yea, I didn’t either.  Oh and even more so on the second? Definitely no. I’ve been so used to dating duds that have one foot strategically placed out the door, that this dude blindsided me. Perhaps I hadn’t gone for […]

Kismet or Not.

So I was casually slinging bars during a promo gig in SF. Upon walking back to the truck to replenish my stock, I go to the corner to cross the street, look up, and see a familiar looking face. At first glance, I didn’t recognize him but thought he might be cute. I’m always on […]

I’m Dating Peter.

I’ll be blunt here. I repeatedly attract the wrong guys (aka Peter Pans). If it isn’t one thing it’s another. This has been going on for a long time. I have a treasure chest full of these darkly amusing tales. It’s gotten to the point where many people have said my experiences should be in a […]